Mammoliti & Association



MAMMOLITI & ASSOCIATES is an association of experts with a deep know-how of the Industry market (semiconductors, electronic, photovoltaic, power, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, etc). The mission of this association is to provide support to all those companies already operating in the market, that intends to improve their products and services with a higher quality level, increasing the system reliability with a better optimization of the production process.

  Contacts and Partners

Engineering & Consultancy Services


ROME Office

PARIS Office


Thomas Pluch , Interim Management, Krefeld, Germany - Leadership for small companies



  Operating Fields

The market knowledge allows MAMMOLITI & ASSOCIATES to offer assistance in the sectors of Engineering, Operation and Business development, helping the clients to reduce the costs and allowing them to focus more in their core business offering at the same time, new opportunities in new markets.


The resources to whom can refer MAMMOLITI & ASSOCIATES are able to answer in “real time” to any particular client’s request, operating in the domestic and european market (France, Germany, UK and East countries), as well as in the international one (USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China ). In any of the above areas the MAMMOLITI & ASSOCIATES has established a collaboration with local resources.